Vorna Valley is open for Fibre orders 💫

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This is a GAME CHANGER - trust me we put fibre into our home about a year ago and  the choices are limitless!    

Once you are connected via Fibre, you are in the driver's seat of your work, entertainment and social. No more waiting around for downloads, everything is where you want it when you want it.  

The great thing is that Vuma has added the back bone, but you can choose your own service provider. So whether it is uncapped/unshaped or other, you decide which size fits your family    


Vumatel has officially opened Vorna Valley for orders.  To ensure that you get into the installation queue early,  click here to apply for your in-home installation. Alternatively, you can visit their website


Vumatel will be managing the installation process, so if you have already submitted your installation application, please be patient as their scheduling team will be calling you shortly. For any installation queries or concerns please contact

We would like to thank the VVRA for all the incredible work they have put in to make Fibre to the home a reality for Vorna Valley residents.

Good luck with all your installations. We wish you many happy hours of connectivity.

Author: Melanie Pearse

Submitted 20 Jul 17 / Views 2879